Contact Center Cost Cutting Trends for 2016

Contact Center Cost Cutting Trends for 2016

It is no secret that getting involved in contact center services, whether outsourced or in-house, will cost. If you are already utilizing said services, then it is no secret that, through employment alone, a certain margin of uncertainty especially with employee attrition, agent product knowledge, and training cost, may present themselves more as loses than gains. So how do you save cost a contact center service provider?


Minimize or Optimize Training

You may accomplish this is a number of ways but one way is generally preferred over others: hire experienced people. It’s no small task to make sure that your employee knows what he is doing and thus training is important but hiring someone who has been a contact center services agent for long enough is winning half the battle right there—some would even go as far suggesting to pirate the competitions best. Just in case you can’t counteroffer anyone of that caliber, cost efficient hiring can be achieved through cost efficient coaching that bolsters retention and holistic feedback-based learning.

Speaking of retention…


Discourage Turnover

Employees, albeit the smallest unit of a corporation, have all the freedom to stay or go as they will—a disengaged employee may cost you as much as a vacant production position. Your best mechanism as a contact center service provider will be the employee training bond. It’s no question that you have to implement a humane training bond for your new hires but you have to make it clear that all the provisions, as provided for by law, will be implemented to their maximum. Think of it as a subtle fear tactic to retain people. Of course, if the choice is between a vacant seat and a less-than competent agent, go for the prior and go for optimum training.


Invest in Software

Nothing makes the life of both your employees and your customers easier than comprehensive software. For one, make sure that you use progressive tools and learn what software you’ll need by category: should it be catering to actual production (inbound/outbound calls) or for administrative and management purposes? One of the better recent practices for contact center services providers is the use of Callback for Queue. Not only does it optimizes handling through assuring customers that they will be attended to through a callback, it also eases up the phone lines of clogging and diminishes frustration of waiting too long behind a voice line. Remember that a smooth-flowing production line means a smooth flow of ROI.


There are a lot more ways to save money and improve contact center services and ROI and process optimization go hand in hand. Especially when taking on risks such as retaining and letting go of employees or investing in new technology, always ask yourself “which will cost me less in the long run?”


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